Lassie – Eine abenteuerliche Reise (2020)

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Lassie – Eine abenteuerliche Reise: Directed by Hanno Olderdissen. With Nico Marischka, Sebastian Bezzel, Anna Maria Mühe, Bella Bading. Remake of the 1943 movie based on Eric Knight’s book “Lassie Come Home”.

“Based on the classic book but in modern setting and in Germany.nIt is droll and less serious than the previous 2 book adaptation films (less effort by all means), some characters are overplayed or annoying, altough may be funny for the youth. The movie has sad and weepy parts as expected, but some are kind of ruined by either a milldly forced joke or odd interaction. But not all the time odd, certain side stories and characters and their relationship are well implemented. Camerawork had quite some stuttering and optic faults (lens flare, too much saturation). Music was okay, but not memorable.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eYou can sit down with the family for this film, but wonu0026#39;t be a lasting experience at all. This film is u0026quot;meh to okayu0026quot;.nBut the 2005 british adaptation is lasting and not to mention the classic 1943 first movie. Watch those instead.”


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