The Producers (2005)

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The Producers: Directed by Susan Stroman. With Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman, Will Ferrell. After putting together another Broadway flop, down-on-his-luck producer Max Bialystock teams up with timid accountant Leo Bloom in a get-rich-quick scheme to put on the world’s worst show.

“Much better than anyone had the right to expect. Lane and Broderick are superb. Even moving. Look what Iu0026#39;m saying, moving. I mean it. Their commitment is contagious. The comedy in itself is shamelessly anachronistic. The gay jokes belong to the period in which the original Producers were conceived. The tone is consistent with that period, the film happens at an incredible pace and you smile from beginning to end. How marvelous to see Matthew Broderick dance. This is an actor who never had an Academy Award nomination and his performances have always been top notch and his range runs the famous gamut from A to Z. What a courageous actor. I couldnu0026#39;t believe he could get away with the u0026quot;Iu0026#39;m in pain! Iu0026#39;m wet and Iu0026#39;m still hystericalu0026quot; scene without making me miss Gene Wilder but he did. Nathan Lane is a force of nature. His Max is very much a tribute to Zero Mostel, especially to his hair but this Max is Nathan Lane through and through. Uma Thurman is a delight and I had a great time at the movies. What else do you want out of life.”


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