Jiao tou 2: Wang zhe zai qi (2018)

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Jiao tou 2: Wang zhe zai qi: Directed by Cheng-Kuo Yen. With Collin Chou, Shih-Sian Wang, Jack Kao, Chen-Nan Tsai. Ren has finally succeeded his boss as the head of the North Fort Gang. For so long, his ambitions had been held back; now, he can realize them.

“Okay, I know there are not much Bojack fans around here. I even tried recommending this show to a lot of my close friends. But they couldnu0026#39;t make it past few episodes. Well the answer to that is, even the actors mentioned during various interviews, that you gotta binge watch this show. I binged it like crazy and I was left with nothing but emotional hollowness all around me. Every ending of an episode led me to contemplate about life. And then there were episodes which made me go all teary eyed. All the people who loved this show is because deep down all of us are Bojack Horseman.. Someone please give this show a Golden GLobe!!”


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