Good People (2014)

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Good People: Directed by Henrik Ruben Genz. With Sam Spruell, Michael Fox, Diarmaid Murtagh, Francis Magee. Discovering a stash of cash in their dead tenant’s apartment, a couple in debt take the money and find themselves the target of a deadly adversary – the thief who stole it.

“I liked this movie. It was realistic fiction that was entertaining to watch. There is excellent acting among all the main characters, and the story line is so believable. The only reason I can not rate it a 10 is that this movie was oh so predictable. As usual, there is no honesty among thieves, which is the premise of this movie. Then, of course, the underdog always wins. The climax of the movie was very reminiscent of u0026quot;Home Alone,u0026quot; so I knew what was coming the moment that I saw the set towards the end. The predictability is the only reason I can think of the movie having such a low overall rating. However, when watching realistic fiction, extravagant happenings would convert the realistic to ridiculous. It stayed true to itu0026#39;s genre. I would recommend this movie to all movie-lovers, but I would be shocked if it got an Oscar.”


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