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Maazii: Directed by Jaideep Chopra. With Sumit Nijhawan, Mona Wasu, Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub, Ashok Banthia. Tarun and his wife Shrishti are living a happy life with there daughter . One day to save the Honor of a woman Tarun accidentally kills two gangsters. After this his black past unfolds and starts haunting his present life. Tarun has to go back to his roots and get out of his past to make his family secure and happy.

“Cant understand who made this movie and invested in this. An awful watch. Complete waste of money. The lead actor is really bad and doesnu0026#39;t know how to u0026quot;actu0026quot;. Surprised and shocked that such a movie found producers who were ready to invest in this. Complete shame for producers and total cast and crew. Please do NOT watch. I would recommend that people catch up on their on sleep rather than wasting time and money on this movie. Poor direction and locations. Moreover the plot loses steam and confuses that what is the direction of the story line. Bad selection of songs and music is OK OK. With a better story and effort on good direction this could have turned into something watchable. I was surprised by a high rating for this movie on IMDb. Looks like it has be rated by the crew of the movie rather than watchers. A complete bad job at thriller category. Could qualify for a amateur movie (that too comedy) made by people who lost track in middle of movie.”


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