Infestation (2009)

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Infestation: Directed by Kyle Rankin. With Chris Marquette, Brooke Nevin, Kinsey Packard, E. Quincy Sloan. A slacker awakes to find himself weak and wrapped in a webbing; after realizing that the world has been taken over by giant alien insects, he wakes a ragtag group of strangers and together they fight for survival.

“Ok this show is far from perfect but itu0026#39;s hardly horrible! I actually enjoyed watching it even without considering the nostalgia factor. Most people I know would classify it as u0026quot;cute.u0026quot; Definitely made for a younger audience than the original film was, but all the actors are quite nice-looking and they really are not as bad as some of the reviewers say. Iu0026#39;ve seen much worse. The transition into the dog acceptance was a bit fast, but it had to be in order to fit it into the 47 minute episode. I did genuinely laugh at some of the Hooch reaction moments and antics, and was rooting for the dog as intended. Go ahead and watch with your family, you wonu0026#39;t be disappointed.”


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