Das Bankentrio (1989)

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Das Bankentrio: Directed by Francis Veber. With Nick Nolte, Martin Short, Sarah Rowland Doroff, James Earl Jones. A reformed bank robber is taken hostage by a desperate man during a bank hold up, but is forced to go on the run with his captor when they’re both mistakenly thought to be in cahoots.

“After spending five years in prison for 14 separate bank robberies u0026quot;Lucasu0026quot; (Nick Nolte) has finally been granted parole and is set free. Unfortunately, when he goes to a bank to deposit his prison check he finds himself on the receiving end of a bank robbery by what turns out to be an extremely bumbling novice by the name of u0026quot;Ned Perryu0026quot; (Martin Short). To make matters worse, when the police surround the bank Ned picks Lucas-of all people–to be his hostage. This selection causes the police to think that both Ned and Lucas are acting as a team and as a result the two of them are forced to work together to somehow extricate themselves from this situation. To further complicate matters, Nedu0026#39;s young daughter u0026quot;Megu0026quot; (Sarah Rowland Doroff) has some serious issues related to trauma which has caused her to withdraw from everyone around her-until she meets Lucas. As a result, instead of two fugitives from the law there are now three-and each of them have their own priorities which donu0026#39;t necessarily relate to one another. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this film turned out better than I thought it would due mainly to the humorous twists and turns throughout. That said, while itu0026#39;s certainly not the greatest comedy ever made, itu0026#39;s still a cute little film which should appeal to most viewers interested in something of this type. Slightly above average.”


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