Kopflos – 8 Köpfe im Koffer (1997)

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Kopflos – 8 Köpfe im Koffer: Directed by Tom Schulman. With Joe Pesci, Andy Comeau, Kristy Swanson, George Hamilton. A mob bagman finds that his luggage, containing the proof of his gang’s latest hit, has been switched.

“The premise of eight elusive disembodied heads is promising, for a black comedy at least, but the rest of the script is way too convoluted, with way too many characters. The entire cast tries hard (in Dyan Cannonu0026#39;s case, TOO hard), and there are some sporadic laughs, but overall this is a pretty desperate – not to mention appallingly racist – comedy. Terrific makeup effects, though. (**)”


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