Magnus – Der Mozart des Schachs (2016)

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Magnus – Der Mozart des Schachs: Directed by Benjamin Ree. With Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Viswanathan Anand. Magnus Carlsen, Norwegian chess prodigy, becomes a grandmaster at age 13 and world champion in 2013.

“I started watching this documentary because of my interest in how Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence relate to each other. After watching this documentary for a couple of minutes I realized that it was about that boy my dad talked about many years ago. He told me then, that one of the best chess players in the world was a young boy.nThe documentary shows his road to his participation in the World Chess Championship 2013 and also about how he developed as a human being. It tells even a little bit about how he developed after 2013.nIt also gives a lot of hints about why Magnus is special and why heu0026#39;s called u0026quot;The Mozart of Chessu0026quot;. Thatu0026#39;s what I really liked about this documentary.nBesides that I also liked that it shows an exciting story, probably because I didnu0026#39;t know that how the story would end. I only knew about the fact that he was that young boy that my dad had talked about.nAlthough I do appreciate the chess game, I am just a recreational player, that understands the difference between recreational players and people that start feeling the need to find out their FIDE-rating. This documentary shed a new light on my understanding of the difference between FIDE-rated players.nFinally, I liked it that although this documentary is about a chess player, itu0026#39;s most probably not necessary to be a chess player to watch it. Itu0026#39;s worthwile to anyone whou0026#39;s interested in watching what someone encounters in trying to reach their top.”


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