Ring of Darkness (TV Movie 2004)

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Ring of Darkness: Directed by David DeCoteau. With Adrienne Barbeau, Stephen Martines, Jeremy Jackson, Ryan Starr. When a boy bands lead singer mysteriously diappears the media says that he ran away because he could not handle the fame, but really the other band members killed him and have hidden their identities as undead from every one. With an “American Idol” type audtition they remaining band members choose a new guy to fill the place. Now he must go to an isolated mansion to be initiated, but soon learns what the others really are and decides he would rather not be party of the band.

“I saw this film on Showtime not expecting much, but I guess I was expecting a little. Well, I got nothing but a dumb, stupid, boring flick we have all seen before. SO, a boy band has been alive for generations and are zombies. oOoOo…scary! No, seriously, this movie is pretty bad. I really did not even enjoy any humor in this one like I usually can. It was just…idiotic. I think the only good part is when this awful guy is singing and he thinks he is a great singer and dancer when…he sucks. This film has a lot of plot holes, glitches, and more. There really is nothing new to add to this film, it is really just a boring sack of poo. Enjoy!”


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