Historias extraordinarias (2008)

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Historias extraordinarias: Directed by Mariano Llinás. With Mariano Llinás, Walter Jakob, Agustín Mendilaharzu, Raúl Agüero. In this adventurous experiment in storytelling, secret identities, missing persons, lost treasures, exotic beasts and desperate criminals are only a few of the elements woven into a grand tapestry of mysteries.

“Llinas brings us into a literary/film experience setting new rules in Argentinian or even universal cinema. A bagful of stories organized inside three main ones, structured in 18 chapters, takes us into a voyage of 4 hours, transforming us in an extra character. The duration of the film is as important as the music, photography, edition, acting…it is not a mere consequence of the length of events narrated, is a tool he masters in order to make us feel that we participate in this ¨experience¨ as main characters. I felt all the way that this could have been a beautiful book to read, but he took it even farther,not only reading this book to us but reinforcing it with beautiful filming. Llinas loves literature,he loves filming and he wont stop at nothing. Low budget is not an obstacle but an opportunity to make this voyage a bigger one. Please make the time, and donu0026#39;t miss the chance of making this experience your own.”


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