Brooklyn Blues – Das Gesetz der Gosse (1974)

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Brooklyn Blues – Das Gesetz der Gosse: Directed by Martin Davidson, Stephen Verona. With Perry King, Sylvester Stallone, Henry Winkler, Paul Mace. Two members of a social club in 1950s Brooklyn have more interest in romance than in rumbles.

“This is not a slick movie. It looks like it was made with cheap handheld cameras, and probably was. The movie is primarily interesting due to the future stars seen here. This was Henry Winkleru0026#39;s first big movie as a greaser type ( this character was NO Fonzie ). Sylvester Stallone is his typical mumbly early self ( I vote for subtitles on his speaking parts on his first 6 Nothing really much happens, just an hour and a half of greaser posing and vague wonderings about u0026quot;futuresu0026quot;. Only interesting from a historical perspective. Not reaslly strongly recommended.”


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