Jede Nacht zählt (1981)

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Jede Nacht zählt: Directed by Jean-Claude Tramont. With Gene Hackman, Barbra Streisand, Diane Ladd, Dennis Quaid. A middle-aged executive’s lifestyle and values are turned upside down after he is demoted to chain-store night manager.

“Everything about u0026quot;All Night Longu0026quot; is off and never turns on. Why is it always the films with the best people that wind up being so bad? In this filmu0026#39;s case of wasted star talent, the victim here is Gene Hackman. He portrays a middle aged drug store employee who feels that he has squandered his life so he solves his boredom problems by going on little nighttime charades with the odd insomniacs who prowl the streets during late night. Hackman is extremely miscast in this kind of role and Barbra Streisandu0026#39;s presence doesnu0026#39;t help to save it either.”


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