R.L. Stines – Die Geistermeister (Video 2008)

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R.L. Stines – Die Geistermeister: Directed by Richard Correll. With Madison Pettis, Sterling Beaumon, Luke Benward, Brian Stepanek. After discovering a pair of young ghosts, a nebbish 11-year-old agrees to help the sibling spirits solve the mystery surrounding their demise.

“Trying to overcome his tough childhood, a boy learns his house is haunted by the child ghosts of the former residents looking to prevent a sinister force from unleashing a great evil on Halloween and must band together to stop it from happening.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis here turned out to be quite a disappointing effort as there really couldu0026#39;ve been a lot going for it. The main problem with this one is the fact that thereu0026#39;s no real reason for the ghost to start his plan of action. It really makes no sense because itu0026#39;s never really hinted at and it really doesnu0026#39;t offer anything as to make the villain an imposing figure beyond the blatantly obvious ploy he utters and the terrorizing he does, leaving a big hole in the film if the main villain is wrapped in complete and utter confusion. Also of rather low regard is the decision in the later half to remove the one thatu0026#39;s been captured and make it impossible to offer assistance, which effectively renders it a moot point as to itu0026#39;s inclusion. As well, their child-like antics in the beginning arenu0026#39;t that enjoyable as watching them run around the house at fast speed and knocking things over or move furniture around donu0026#39;t make for a particularly exciting time. That said, thereu0026#39;s still some fun to be had here with the rather fun effects on display, which make this pretty entertaining from time-to-time as it deals with the master ghost and the different ghouls in their make-up, the high-spirited finale has some great spectacle and thereu0026#39;s one outstanding sequence where he must evade slumbering ghosts in a congregation to retrieve a prize without them noticing that comes off fairly chilling. As a full-on horror, though, this isnu0026#39;t that great but itu0026#39;s decent enough for children.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eRated Unrated/PG: Mild Violence.”


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