The Long Island Railroad Massacre: 20 Years Later (2013)

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The Long Island Railroad Massacre: 20 Years Later: Directed by Charlie Minn. With Michael J. Begley, Lisa Combatti, Brian Foreman, Robert Giugliano. On December 7, 1993 a crazed gunman shot twenty-five people on the LIRR, killing six. This is the worst crime in New York history prior to the 9-11 attacks.

“An excellent and moving documentary let down by a slight change of direction towards the end, when it becomes an anti-NRA polemic. Gun Control is a worthy cause, but so is organ donation, to which the family of one victim have devoted themselves. That could have been given equal airtime But itu0026#39;s not such a u0026quot;coolu0026quot; topic. Apart from that, the interviews with these brave, dignified people stood in stark contrast to the ravings of the killer in the courtroom. It was very satisfying to see his parole date of… August 6th, 2309. Too soon, if you ask me.”


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