Schreie im Wald (TV Movie 1992)

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Schreie im Wald: Directed by Charles Correll. With Rosanna Arquette, Anthony Perkins, Will Patton, D.W. Moffett. A woman fears that the private detective she’s been conversing with may be the killer who murdered her beloved friend and dumped her corpse in the forest.

“Back to back, from one decent TV thriller (u0026#39;Through the Eyes of a Killeru0026#39;) to somewhat another. Yeah somewhat. Iu0026#39;m kind of lukewarm on it. u0026#39;In the Deep Woodsu0026#39; had the ingredients for a tight, relentless and interesting thriller, but director Charles Correllu0026#39;s sinuously pedestrian handling and Robert Nathan and Robert Rosenblumu0026#39;s material (adapted from Nicholas Condeu0026#39;s novel) piles on the red herrings and all too convenient developments. By being a knotty plot, it keeps you off balance and never strikes me as predictable. Itu0026#39;s just hard to believe some incidents, as some things that occur just had me thinking u0026quot;Oh, why?u0026quot;. Everything seems to move at a snailu0026#39;s pace, but you stay with it because you want to know how itu0026#39;ll pan out. Thereu0026#39;s a few effective suspenseful sequences and a very dreary tone streaming through it, but thereu0026#39;s just too many generic and replicate patterns. Its well shot, edited and leanly scored. This would be Anthony Perkins last role, and itu0026#39;s a blank performance (just think of his failing condition), but his stable presence eventually wins out. The perky Patricia Arquette is suitably fine in the heroine role. As for Will Patton, he looks lost at sea with his character.”


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