Warren Miller's Line of Descent (2017)

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Warren Miller’s Line of Descent: Directed by Chris Patterson. With Jonny Moseley. Travel the globe by land, air and sea, and explore the ties that bind ski culture and create an international family of extreme athletes on the world’s mountains.

“Cat burglar Karen McCoy (Kim Basinger) is released from prison after 6 years for the bank robbery. Sheu0026#39;s on parole with only the suit she went to court with. Her ex told her son Patrick that sheu0026#39;s dead. Gary Buckner is her harsh parole officer. J.T. Barker (Val Kilmer) is an incompetent robber eager to be in her next job. Sheu0026#39;s trying to go straight but nobody is willing to hire an ex-con. J.T.u0026#39;s relative Jack Schmidt (Terence Stamp) wants her to do one more job. Buckner threatens Karen with more prison unless she does the job. When she refuses, Patrick is kidnapped.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe first half sets up for a solid caper movie. Everything is against Karen. Sheu0026#39;s the underdog with a heart of gold. The caper is functional. Itu0026#39;s at least six years since Karen has done a job and she is still up to date with security tech. Itu0026#39;s hard to imagine her ex holding off calling the cops. There are a few little things that add up to a less compelling caper movie.”


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