Zombie Hunter (2013)

Zombie Hunter (2013)

Released: 2013
Genre: Action, Comedy, Genre, Horror
Director: K. King
Starring: Clare Niederpruem, Martin Copping, Danny Trejo, ,
Run time: 93 min
IMDb: 3.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 197883


Zombie Hunter is set in a post-apocalyptic Zombie wasteland caused by the mysterious street drug “Natas”. We follow one man who has nothing left other than a beat up Camaro and a trunk full of guns and booze. He runs down Flesh Eaters, hunting for sport and redemption, while also running from his past. After crashing into a small group of survivors, who are running low on resources, he decides to lend a hand. But a surprise attack by the Flesh Eaters forces them on the run and puts the Hunter’s skills to the test.
Written by
Erik Christian Hansen
User Reviews: There was a time not so long ago when the independent flicks ruled the horror business but that’s over. Nowadays independents aren’t delivering the goods, there’s nothing to spot and most of them are utterly boring. For some reason, money I guess, famous names are but on the bills to attract the fans. Here we do have Danny Trejo as Jesus but he’s in it for just a few moments.

This flick is full of stereotypes like the macho killer, the smart girl, the nerd, and of course the sexy chick. Here we have problem one. The so-called sexy chick do walk around scantily clad but when she’s given her pole dancing she stays dressed. O sure, she shows them titties but off-camera. Big mistake. But not only that, the zombies faces are really well-done but that’s it, it’s only their faces that are zombie looking. The clothes they walk around aren’t what they should be. And then we come to the effects used. I don’t have any problem with blood flying against the lens of a camera but here we always have that effect and the blood has some purple colour. What the hell.

One of those flicks were you take your remote and wanted to push the fast forward or even the eject button. And for Danny, hey man, you’re going for the money or what, Rise Of The Zombies (2012) was another disaster. And if you have a close look here at Zombie Hunter you can see posters for Ozombie and Orcs, do I need to say more. A bit too much of talking and the same action (read effects) used.

Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

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