Zigs (2001)

Zigs (2001)

Released: 2001
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Genre
Director: Mars Callahan
Starring: Kane Picoy, Peter Dobson, Jason Priestley, ,
Run time: 93 min
IMDb: 5/10
Country: USA
Views: 154932


Four young compulsive gamblers come up with a radical plan to get out of debt with a fixed game.
User Reviews: What a fun movie this one is. Four friends in Los Angeles have a pretty bad gambling problem. Isn’t that enough for a ride already? Writer/director Mars Callahan manages to really get into the lives of problem gamblers, and has fun with it, too. The movie focuses on the lives of four friends who just want to own their own restaurant. Jason Priestly stars as David Zigman, the son of a restaurant owner who’d rather sit in the office with his feet up on the desk while watching a Lakers game on TV instead of actually doing work. Kane Picoy is Mike, the narrator and David’s best friend. Peter Dobson as the Jersey Jinx (Cory) and Orien Richman as Brett bring gut-busting comic relief throughout the movie. And I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this, but Clyde the bookie, the "Chris Walken aficionado" who claims to have seen King of New York 2000 times, is actually Callahan himself. The movie has some well-planned plot twists and action, and if you are as into the gambling scene as I am, it’ll have you alternately biting your nails and cheering for the group of friends. Big smiles all around!

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