You Can’t Win ‘Em All (1970)

You Can’t Win ‘Em All (1970)

Released: 1970
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Genre
Director: Peter Collinson
Starring: Michèle Mercier, Charles Bronson, Tony Curtis, ,
Run time: 97 min
IMDb: 5.8/10
Country: UK
Views: 130072


Two former U.S. Army soldiers, Adam Dyer and Josh Corey, join a band of Turkish mercenaries in 1922 Turkey. They are hired by Osman Bey, a local governor, to escort his three daughters to Smyran and to protect a gold shipment that is to accompany them. Nobody is aware that Elci, a local colonel, plans to steal the gold for himself, while a rebel general pursues all parties involved.
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User Reviews: This is a competent adventure movie pairing, of all people, Tony Curtis and Charles Bronson. It’s setting is an obscure one for Americans: Turkey in its days of revolutionary war following the defeat and collapse of the Ottoman Dynasty in World War I. Bronson and his band of mercs have tommy guns but don’t get to use them as much as you might expect. On no best-of list, but this movie is a bit better than it had to be, and worth a look.

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