Year of the Jellyfish (1984)

Year of the Jellyfish (1984)

Released: 1984
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Christopher Frank
Starring: Caroline Cellier, Valérie Kaprisky, Bernard Giraudeau, ,
Run time: 110 min
IMDb: 5.7/10
Country: France
Views: 199193


Chris, a sexy teenager who appears mostly bare-breasted on the French Riviera, has a crush on Romain, her mother’s lover. In reaction to her inability to attract his attention, she experiments with other risque affairs.
User Reviews: This is only a passable thriller I guess, but I found it interesting for several reasons. First, it is surprisingly trashy and unpretentious for a French movie. While the Italians and the Spanish have made tons of movies like this, the French have always seemed more hesitant to make flat-out genre or exploitation movies without a lot of high-art pretensions. This film is a trashy "lethal Lolita"-type flick along the lines of "Pretty Poison" or "The Crush" (or Italian equivalents like "Peccati di gioventu"). The cinematography, however, is quite impressive–up to the high French standards of arthouse films like "Pauline on the Beach" or "One Wild Moment". It helps that, like those movies, it was filmed in a cinematographer’s paradise, the south of France. And, of course, it also features the very, um, photogenic Valerie Kaprisky (who is usually topless and often completely nude) as the lethal Lolita. Kaprisky was in some pretty interesting French movies like this and "La Femme Publique" before she was no doubt black-balled for appearing in the horrible Hollywood remake of "Breathless" with Richard Gere. This one is pretty hard to find, but is definitely worth looking for.

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