Yakuza Weapon (2011)

Yakuza Weapon (2011)

Released: 2011
Genre: Action, Genre
Starring: Cay Izumi, Dennis Gunn, Tomori Abe, ,
Run time: 105 min
IMDb: 5.1/10
Country: Japan
Views: 95552


After his father is killed, a young yakuza comes back to Japan for revenge – and a machine gun for an arm.
User Reviews: I had to write this review because I think this movie doesn’t get the love it deserves.
Think is I’m freeing some space on my watchlist and I’m watching movies that I have that have bad iMDB score. 90% of them I don’t even make it to the end. but this one was not the case.

It may seem like a bad movie because of the over the top style, a kinda cheap look & feel and crazy silly but clichè yakuza plot. but ten minutes into the movie I thought all of those things were actually good, and then half through I thought it was a solid 7, certainly not a 5

I like all things japanese so maybe I’m biased, but I thought the directing and the overall style and tone of the movie were more than good, actors were all pretty decent and likable and action sequences were the way they needed to be, extreme and with a b movie-esque feel to them

Most of all I found it extremely funny in a silly way, but nothing short of say From Dusk Till Dawn and Grindhouse silly kind of funniness.

I’d definitely recommend it if you like comics, japanese culture or just an original action-comedy flick

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