Wu Yen (2001)

Wu Yen (2001)

Released: 2001
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Genre
Starring: Anita Mui, Sammi Cheng, Raymond Ho-Yin Wong, ,
Run time: 123 min
IMDb: 6.2/10
Country: Hong Kong
Views: 145816


A gifted female warrior is destined to marry the emperor and bring prosperity to the dynasty.
User Reviews: Another gender bending three girl Chinese kung fu movie, this time played for laughs. Anita Mui mugs incessantly for the camera, Sammi Cheng wanders around not getting the joke, and Cecilia Cheung is nice to look at. Slow in parts but a reasonably amusing way to spend a couple of hours if you’re feeling out of sorts. Apparently a quickie Chinese New Year effort that has the production values of a high school skit.

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