Woman of Breakwater (2003)

Woman of Breakwater (2003)

Released: 2003
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Mario O'Hara
Starring: Lou Veloso, Yoyoy Villame, Gardo Versoza, ,
Run time: 124 min
IMDb: 7.5/10
Country: Philippines
Views: 196165


In a poor village by the Manila Bay breakwater, two brothers, Buboy and Basilio, come to the city to escape from the violence at home. They meet a prostitute named Pakita and become close with her when Basilio treats her wounds. All they want is to lead normal lives, but the town’s leader Dave has knavish interruptions that await them.
Written by
Pusan International Film Festival
User Reviews: I saw this film at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2004.

When the film ended, I had confusing impression, but now, a week later, I give this film good rating – 8 of 10. There was a message in the beginning of the film, saying "In the Philippines, 41% of population is in poverty. This is the story of such people."

This film begins with shocking murderer scene, which I could not understand what actually happened – even now I don’t know. Anyhow, it was why the brother of Basilio and Buhoy thought they could no longer live in the province of Leyte Island and decided to go to Manila. But in Manila, they could not find jobs and ended up settling at the breakwater facing Manila Bay.

Perhaps, even if I walk along the road besides the breakwater, I would not notice the world in the film. Everyone badly wants to flee from this misery life but can not. Even so, they give money without regret whenever their friends are in need. This film portrays life of the poor from the world only the poor can see.

In the film there are happenings beyond reality. In the last scene, in the province of Leyte, Basilio’s son finds a letter his father threw in the Manila Bay with a bottle five years ago. This would never happen in real world, however, the message written on the letter has surely arrived to me.

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