Wings of Honneamise (1987)

Wings of Honneamise (1987)

Released: 1987
Genre: Animation, Drama, Genre, Sci-Fi
Director: Hiroyuki Yamaga
Starring: Mitsuki Yayoi, David Thomas, Leo Morimoto, ,
Run time: 121 min
IMDb: 7.4/10
Country: Japan
Views: 74560


On a far-off planet, a Kingdom tries to launch the planet’s first manned spacecraft. This ten year old project not only faces funding and technical problem, but also is subject to political conspiracy and the neighboring Republic’s aggression. It’s all up to Shilo, the first spaceman to be, his friends and their faith to make the space program a success.
Written by
Tzung-I Lin <[email protected]>
User Reviews: Do not listen to anybody bagging this movie, they do not have the experience with anime to appreciate it. Wings of Honeamise is a pinnacle in Japanese animation, it took anime to it’s popularity. It made anime known.

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