Why Man Creates (1968)

Why Man Creates (1968)

Released: 1968
Genre: Animation, Documentary, Genre
Director: Saul Bass
Starring: Peter Hansen, ,
Run time: 29 min
IMDb: 7.3/10
Country: USA
Views: 128268


Through several amusing live action and animated vignettes, Saul Bass illustrates a fundamental and essential particularity of human nature that keeps us alive and the world turning, evolving and reaching new designs and possibilities: the necessity of creation. And by creation, Bass means everything from art to mundane things, from words and numbers to unusual abstract works.
Written by
Rodrigo Amaro
User Reviews: I saw this movie in 1969-1971. Teachers liked to show it in class when there was no class content, because it fit into a 50-minute slot. The scene that had the most impact for me was the scene with a ping pong ball. The vignette followed this ball through life, bouncing down the sidewalk, etc. One day the ball decided to see how high he could bounce, and was watched by other ping pong balls as he bounced. After several bounces,each one higher than the last, he didn’t come back down. The verse after the disappearance was beautiful, and I tried to write it down every time I saw the film, but could never quite get there. The main idea was that he arrived in a better place where balls were free to do whatever they wanted. Wonderful film! I wish it were available !!

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