White Rage (2015)

White Rage (2015)

Released: 2015
Genre: Animation, Documentary, Genre
Director: Arto Halonen
Starring: Linus Tuomenvirta, Miro Mäkelä, Lauri, ,
Run time: 73 min
IMDb: 7.5/10
Country: Finland
Views: 197839


White rage is the story of Lauri, and through him the story of other victims of both school bullying and a separate childhood trauma: victims full of white rage, which may lead to school shootings and other extreme acts of violence. The film is also about our society: a society without sufficient understanding or desire to address the emergence of school violence.
User Reviews: A great documentary about school bullying, its causes and consequences. The narrator tells his story from early childhood, through adolescence to adulthood. As he is telling us his story, we get news clips from school shootings, and from other terrorist acts.

The narrator is himself a researcher on this topic as well as having personal experience as a former victim of school bullying. He offers explanations of these horrific acts, both from an academic view and from his personal experiences. He is both close to, and has a distance to the subject. I think that this is a what makes the documentary so great. The personal story of the narrator is engaging and it makes me empathize with him rather than judge him, even though he is starting to walk down a very dark path.

The academic view makes connections between his story and other stories possible, which makes me understand that there may be some common factors behind these acts that in the first glance seem unexplainable. The theory offered, of black and white rage, is easy to grasp. The narrator voice is calm and easy to follow. I like that the story is not told to fast. It is a heavy subject, and the slow pace offers time to digest what has been told.

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