When Saturday Comes (1996)

When Saturday Comes (1996)

Released: 1996
Genre: Drama, Genre, Sport
Director: Maria Giese
Starring: Pete Postlethwaite, Emily Lloyd, Sean Bean, ,
Run time: 98 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: UK
Views: 154986


Jimmy Muir is a hard-drinking brewery worker in the city of Sheffield, with an arrogant lack of respect for authority. His entire life has been orientated by football and he possesses the potential, but has never had the courage or discipline to make anything of it. Jimmy is spotted by Ken Jackson, whilst playing for his pub team. Ken is the manager of Hallam football club, a local non-league team. After continually playing brilliantly for Hallam, Jimmy gets offered a trial at Sheffield United. The evening before the trial he gets drunk, and wakes up feeling very rough. Consequently he fails to impress the Sheffield United manager. Jimmy then has to consider his future and his choices and if he has the self discipline to succeed!
Written by
Antony Annunziata <[email protected]>
User Reviews: WHEN SATURDAY COMES is a little, British football flick but brilliant. Quite similar to FEVER PITCH but ten times more better. It provides booze, sex and excitement on the pitch. You can’t get fed up this the first time you watch it. Brilliant and FULL MONTY style, this film was so exciting and Sean Bean gives a good performance. It was so good that my popcorn finished a quarter of the way through it, that’s how excited i was even though i had a mega-deluxe bag. Blood rushed was rushing all over to different parts of my body. All that i could think of was football, sex, booze, football, sex, booze. WSC. What pardon?. WSC. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1. It is more exciting than watching boring, boring Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Brazil. Ah, what’s wrong?….your hot dog finished?, tomato ketchup spilt down your jumper. WSC is brilliant.

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