Wendy and Lucy (2008) – IMDb

Wendy and Lucy (2008) – IMDb

Released: 2008
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Kelly Reichardt
Starring: David Koppell, Lucy, Michelle Williams, ,
Run time: 80 min
IMDb: 7.1/10
Country: USA
Views: 63599


A woman’s life is derailed en route to a potentially lucrative summer job. When her car breaks down, and her dog is taken to the pound, the thin fabric of her financial situation comes apart, and she is led through a series of increasingly dire economic decisions.
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User Reviews: Greetings again from the darkness. Absolutely stunning performance from the beautiful Michelle Williams, who somehow doesn’t look beautiful here and is very believable as the on-the-road loner in search of salvation at a cannery in Alaska. What doesn’t work is everything else.

I understand the minimalist approach, but this story doesn’t differ much from if you asked a junior high student to write a story about running away from home with her dog. Sure the serpentine belt wouldn’t get mentioned, but losing the dog, even if only momentarily, would probably be a sub-plot.

Don’t misunderstand. It is a very well shot film and realistic to the point of dread, but we are never really provided any reason to care about Wendy or Lucy … other than basic human caring.

Will Patton adds a nice, but brief, touch as the auto mechanic and Wally Dalton somehow captured my interest more than Wendy. For the full impact, you have to know that Wally Dalton plays a Walgreens security guard who stares at the parking lot for 12 hours a day.

Michelle Williams deserves the kudos for her performance, but I believe the film itself is much overrated.

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