Watch Me When I Kill (1977)

Watch Me When I Kill (1977)

Released: 1977
Genre: Genre, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Antonio Bido
Starring: Franco Citti, Paola Tedesco, Corrado Pani, ,
Run time: 96 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: Italy
Views: 108590


A pharmacist is murdered, and a woman happens to see the culprit leave the scene. She soon finds herself being stalked by the killer, and when her boyfriend tries to discover who the murderer is and stop him, he begins to find out that there is much more to the murder than the ordinary killing it first appeared to be.
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User Reviews: Directorial debut for Antonio Bido and it is quite good for being that. Here in this late 70s Italian Giallo we see a pharmacist is killed, but Mara (Paola Tedesco) witnesses the murderer leaving the scene. Soon she believes she is being stalked by the murderer. Good thing her chain-smoking, cigar chomping boyfriend (well played by Corrado Pani) is there to help investigate.

I found quite early in my viewing that this was influenced heavily by Dario Argento’s work from the 70s. Right down to the music is heavily influenced by Goblin (most notably the DEEP RED soundtrack). Music is done by Trans Europa Express and it is quite good. One problem I found is that it is a somewhat talky film. When there should be action happening sometimes the actors start firing out dialogue. But, in the end you do get your delicious twist to cap the film off. There is one quite interesting murder I found being committed in a bath tub. Worth seeing if you can find and if you are into giallo films chances are you will enjoy.

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