Walk the Walk (1970)

Walk the Walk (1970)

Released: 1970
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Jac Zacha
Starring: Steve Lavigne, Bernie Hamilton, Honor Lawrence, ,
Run time: 95 min
IMDb: 4.1/10
Country: USA
Views: 77543


A young black theological student battles against his heroin addiction and alcoholism.
User Reviews: "Walk the Walk" may be a piece of cheap Z-Movie exploitation but it’s clear from its opening scene with its decidedly off-the-wall performance from Bernie Hamilton and it’s jazz-inflected score that at least it’s a film with ambition. Unfortunately, that ambition is never fulfilled. Its writer/producer/director Jac Zacha may have been a man with ambition but with no talent except perhaps for persuading an actor like Bernie Hamilton, not quite ‘a name’ but no slouch either, (he had worked with Bunuel), to star as a man of God who also happens to be a drug-addict.

Presumably the movie was meant to show us the horrors of drugs but if you can actually make it to the end you’ll definitely need something stiff inside you, (and no sniggering at the back). Perhaps the most surprising thing about the film is that it actually looks quite interesting, (well, it did have three credited Directors of Photography), though the colour palette does vary wildly. Weird doesn’t even begin to describe it; terrible, on the other hand, does.

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