"Van Der Valk" Only in Amsterdam (TV Episode 2020)

"Van Der Valk" Only in Amsterdam (TV Episode 2020)

Genre: Crime, Drama, Genre, Thriller, TV-Show
Director: Max Porcelijn
Starring: Luke Allen-Gale, Maimie McCoy, Marc Warren, ,
Run time: 90 min
IMDb: 7.9/10
Country: UK
Views: 168893


In his time with the Amsterdam Police, Commissaris Piet van der Valk has seen it all. His cynicism sometimes shocks even his assistant Johnny Kroon. Their caseload brings them into contact with the city’s many subcultures from drug-users to sexual perverts. Van der Valk is known for his ability to break difficult cases by pursuing his famous hunches. His superior Hoofdcommissaris Samson, however, is always more concerned with the political and public relations ramifications of van der Valk’s investigations.
User Reviews: While a little better than the first episode this still has major shortcomings largely due to a lack of believability. While the plot starts well it becomes a confusing tale of identical twins (that old chestnut). The fact nobody, not the victim’s family, employer or anybody else thought it was important to mention to the cops that she had a twin stretched credulity to breaking point. Then there’s the lesbian nun with an with the erotic art fetish who seemingly belongs to an order that allows her to wander around Amsterdam at will and indulge her every whim although it has to be said that the understated performance given by Juliet Aubrey in this role is one of the few pleasures this episode provides even if, in the end, the character is incidental, at best, to the outcome. There were less picture postcard shots of Amsterdam this time around but there were more recognisably Dutch accents which is a good thing.

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