Unhuman Nature (2020)

Unhuman Nature (2020)

Released: 2020
Genre: Genre, Horror
Director: Thor Moreno
Starring: Annette Duffy, Les Best, Joseph Wray Barney, ,
Run time: 66 min
IMDb: 3.1/10
Country: USA
Views: 173291


An FBI Agent with a troubled past finds himself on a case that nobody else wanted. Sent to the Pacific Northwest, Agent Raleigh becomes entangled in a deadly game that the locals prefer to keep a secret.
User Reviews: Unhuman Nature turns a below average wendigo story into a boring, confusing mess. While the movie may keep you wondering as to how the story will end, that doesn’t change the fact that the story itself is very boring and confusing. The viewer will not care about any of the characters, as they are all so lifelessly portrayed. Putting some fake blood on people and giving them white contact lens constitutes the movie’s special effects. If you’re looking for a good story about a wendigo, I would recommend the "Wendigo" episode of Supernatural’s first season.

Pros: Decent soundtrack, appropriate running length, some mystery and suspense as to how movie will end

Cons: Doesn’t look professionally made, terrible acting, slow pacing, very few scares or action, poor character development


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Public on October 20, 2020

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