Under Colorado Skies (1947)

Under Colorado Skies (1947)

Released: 1947
Genre: Action, Genre, Music, Western
Director: R.G. Springsteen
Starring: Paul Hurst, Lorna Gray, Monte Hale, ,
Run time: 65 min
IMDb: 6.2/10
Country: USA
Views: 51485


Monte Hale has been working as a teller in a bank in Allentown, Texas during the summer to earn money for his medical college expenses during the upcoming year. He is about to leave to return to college when the bank is held up by two members of a notorious gang, headed by Marlowe, leaving Monte with the smoking gun of one of the bandits that killed the bank president. To avoid bringing disgrace on the family of his sweetheart, Julia Collins, by revealing that it was her brother Jeff, supposedly working in Denver, who induced him to open the back door of the bank to let the robbers in, Monte allows suspicion to rest on him until he can clear himself. Knowing he can’t clear himself or pry Jeff loose from the gang if he is taken to jail, Monte fights his way free and escapes. He trails the Marlowe gang to Red Rock, Colorado when Julia appears and complicates the task. On her way to Denver to see Jeff, whom she still believes to be there, Julia is wounded in a stagecoach holdup by the …
Written by
Les Adams <[email protected]>
User Reviews: Under Colorado Skies finds Monte Hale as a medical student working at a bank to pay his way through college. During a holdup, the bank president is killed and Monte left holding the bag. The inside man was John Alvin, brother to Lorna Gray who Monte is courting. Most of us would talk right up and save ourselves, but not this tightlipped cowboy hero. Monte escapes the law and goes in pursuit of the gang and the brother.

This was a pretty good Republic western with Hale shown to best advantage. Paul Hurst has a standout role as the saloon owner who becomes Hale’s best friend and benefactor. But stealing the film in every scene he’s in is William Haade, the genial outlaw leader who kidnaps Monte and kind of likes having his personal physician around in his line of work.

Definitely try to catch this one, B western fans will love it.

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