Two Brothers (2004)

Two Brothers (2004)

Released: 2004
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family, Genre
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Starring: Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Freddie Highmore, Guy Pearce, ,
Run time: 109 min
IMDb: 7.1/10
Country: France
Views: 184898


1920s Indochina. In the wild, a pair of adult tigers have just had a litter of two male cubs. It is a loving family unit, with the two brothers having a bond through their adventurous spirit. In different incidents, the cubs are captured individually, and although both in captivity live very different lives. Their individual captures were directly or indirectly associated with the work of Aidan McRory, a treasure and big game hunter, whose main goal is to make as much money for himself by selling his largely illegally obtained artifacts and animal parts at auction in Europe. Through the process, he has an emotional connection with one of the cubs, who is eventually named Kumal, but of who he eventually loses track. The cubs’ lives are affected negatively by a number of other people who are working solely toward their own end goals, but the other cub, who is eventually named Sangha, also makes an emotional human connection to a young boy named Raoul Normandin, the son of the area …
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User Reviews: Two Brothers starts with the siblings, Kumal and Sangha, and shows how they are playful and protective of one another. Kumal was the more meek of the two and Sangha would knowingly protect his brother when in trouble. After the older tigers were killed (seems the villagers do not like random tigers hanging out while they are working), Kumal and Sangha are separated. Kumal ends up in a circus like atmosphere where he is trained to jump through flaming hoops and such (which actually comes in handy later in the movie). Sangha ends up, at first, with a family. Raoul (Freddie Highmore) loves Sangha but is forced to give him up, due to Sangha killing the family dog in self-defense. It now had the taste of blood and was no longer safe to be in the company of humans.

As both tigers became adults, they had led a less than extraordinary life, both with cruel owners and both ending up in a cock-fighting environment, where they were forced to fight one another.

To me, the only enjoyable part of this movie were the tigers, themselves. The people only made it boring and wishing for the movie to either end or cut back to the tiger footage. I assume the tigers were trained to do certain things and then pieced together to form a cohesive story for them. Other footage seemed to be just film of the tigers acting naturally, which was important for the movie.

Two Brothers was a great children’s movie. Some adults would probably enjoy it as well but it was definitely not made for them. This is not the kind of movie I could watch over and over but was worth seeing at least once.

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