Trap of Lust (1973)

Trap of Lust (1973)

Released: 1973
Genre: Action, Crime, Genre
Director: Atsushi Yamatoya
Starring: Rie Nakagawa, Nozomi Yasuda, Moeko Ezawa, ,
Run time: 73 min
IMDb: 5.8/10
Country: Japan
Views: 70034


A delirious roman porno re-imagining of Seijun Suzuki’s ‘Branded to Kill’. Directed by Atsushi Yamatoya and scripted by Yôzô Tanaka, both ‘Branded to Kill’s’ screenwriters and Suzuki’s regular collaborators.
User Reviews: For the information of all, this film is included on the excellent Arrow DVD release as an extra with new English subtitles.

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