Trancers II (1991)

Trancers II (1991)

Released: 1991
Genre: Action, Genre, Sci-Fi
Director: Charles Band
Starring: Megan Ward, Helen Hunt, Tim Thomerson, ,
Run time: 85 min
IMDb: 5.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 84837


It is Los Angeles, 1991. Jack Deth has become accustomed to life with his new wife, Lena, in the six years since they singed Whistler. Hap Ashby, a former pitcher for the California Angels, had gotten his life out of the gutter and made quite a fortune investing, which he uses to finance his collection of fire trucks, among other things. But life is about to become a little more difficult for Jack and the gang. Whistler’s brother, E.D. Wardo, has gome back in time and has started a trancer farm under the organization known as GreenWorld. GreenWorld strives to ‘clean up the world’, but in reality they are kidnapping homeless people and mental patients to become ‘tranced’. And they’re after Hap, the ancestor of a future Council Member. Jack’s quite ready to singe a few trancers, but he isn’t expecting his dead wife to show up. Through the power of technology, Alice has been saved from death and sent back to 1991 to help Jack and stop Wardo. The tension mounts as Lena becomes more …
Written by
Michael Silva <[email protected]>
User Reviews: I’m extremely wary of sequels as they invariably disappoint. (okay there are a handful of exceptions: e.g. Mad Max, The Godfather, Cleopatra Jones). ‘Trancers 2’ (known as ‘Future Cop 2’ here in Australia) follows this trend – it’s a pretty lame follow up to the silly but fun original. The one thing that saves it from complete dismissal is the outstanding supporting cast which includes Martine Beswick (‘One Million Years BC’), b-grade horror legend Jeffrey Combs (‘Re-Animator’), Combs’ occasional co-star Barbara Crampton (‘Space Truckers’), and the hugely underrated Richard Lynch (‘Open Season’, ‘God Told Me To’, ‘Scanner Cop’). The extremely likable Tim Thomerson returns as Jack Deth and he is always good no matter how weak the material he has to work with. Thomerson is joined by several faces from the original movie, such as Helen Hunt, and his comedian buddies Biff Manard and Art LeFleur. The plot this time concerns the brother of Whistler (the baddie from the first movie), played by Lynch, who using the cover of an environmental group tries to take over with his "trancer" army. Jack Deth must stop his evil plans while trying to rescue his resurrected first wife (cutie Megan Ward – ‘Joe’s Apartment’), stop his jealous current wife (Hunt) from leaving, and make sure former ball star and future of the world Hap Ashby (Manard) doesn’t a)get drunk, and b)get murdered. Yes, it’s a hard job being a time traveling cop, but it’s nothing some hair gel and a few wise-cracks can’t help you deal with. There’s no way I can disguise the overall naffness of this movie, but it’s some dumb fun for a boring afternoon at least. Check out the original ‘Trancers’ though, it’s much better than this.

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