Toonstone (2014)

Toonstone (2014)

Released: 2014
Genre: Action, Animation, Comedy, Genre
Director: Brent Triplett
Starring: Jon Etheridge, Sheila Brothers, Aerli Austen, ,
Run time: 81 min
IMDb: 7.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 131081


An inept gunslinger with an egotistical talking horse is recruited to save a town besieged by outlaws and evil aliens.
User Reviews: Great animation group. I dont know how much of the work they actually do themselves. But after watch all of there other series on YouTube I can tell these people know more then a lot of the multi million dollar projects out there. Support the Creators by buying a Wonder Broom. Solve all your sweeping needs with the Wonder Broom. It has double the bristle count.


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