Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World, A Personal Exploration by Jason Riley (TV Movie 2021)

Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World, A Personal Exploration by Jason Riley (TV Movie 2021)

Released: 2021
Genre: Animation, Documentary, Genre
Director: Tom Jennings
Starring: Alton Demore, Patrick Byrne, Adaecus Brooks, ,
Run time: 56 min
IMDb: 9.1/10
Country: USA
Views: 97000


Traces Thomas Sowell’s journey from humble beginnings to the Hoover Institution, becoming one of our era’s most controversial economists, political philosophers, and prolific authors. Hosted by Jason Riley, a member of The Wall Street Journal editorial board. The one-hour program features insights from Sowell and interviews with his close friends and associates, revealing why the intensely private Thomas Sowell is considered by many to be “one of the greatest minds of the past half-century” and “the smartest person in the room.”
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User Reviews: The main reason I rate it 7 and not 8 is because I have frankly already seen a ton of docs about Thomas Sowell, have seen a ton of interviews from him and read 3 of his books so far – will be at least 1 more this year. I know all this already and have seen many of the shots and statements before. So for me, it’s not that new, but man this is a great intro for sure! It may be the best Thomas Sowell intro out there. The shots are all amazing high quality, the photos are great, the interviews are clear and fun, the statements are informative.

Thomas Sowell of course is not all science and fact based. He does have a very clear ideology and at times he does skip data and facts to reach a conclusion. But for him it’s much more rare than for 95% of social scientists so he’s still a top level researcher and one of the greatest intellectuals of our time. The doc does show how he is biased or how his conclusions are influenced by personal experiences. I’m not sure all the statements are true as we just cannot know how his mind developed. But it’s a good way to present his biases without hitting him over the head with them. He thinks people should have a freedom to choose schools that fit their kids the best, the government and left-wing researchers disagree. I think that if the results are better or the same free choice should be given as more freedom is better if all things remain equal.

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