The Story of Ruth (1960)

The Story of Ruth (1960)

Released: 1960
Genre: Drama, Genre, History, Romance
Director: Henry Koster
Starring: Peggy Wood, Tom Tryon, Stuart Whitman, ,
Run time: 132 min
IMDb: 6.7/10
Country: USA
Views: 65858


Inspired by the tale from Hebrew scriptures and the Christian Bible, the Moabitess child Ruth is sold to the temple of Chemosh. Years pass and she serves as a priestess to the idol. While arranging a temple ritual, she encounters a Judean family of artisans: Elimelech, his wife Naomi, their sons Chilion and Mahlon, and daughter-in-law Orpah. Ruth is curious about their God, and begins to meet secretly with Mahlon. After tragedy strikes, Ruth follows Naomi and begins a new life in Bethlehem…
Written by
L. Hamre
User Reviews: In the period from the 1940s to the 1960s there was on Hollywood the craze of making biblical epics, and while some they are lavish (like David and Bathsheba or Samson and Delilah), others, like this, are humble but pleasant to watch! And this one in particular is faithful to the Bible.

The movie is based on the Biblical book of Ruth, and it’s divided in three parts. In her youth Ruth is portrayed as a pagan idolatress that believes in the blood-thirsty God Kemosh, but she meets Mahlon, a young artisan, and his family, and soon she becomes doubtful of her religion and begins to believe in a God of peace. When the high Priest discovers it, arrests Ruth, Mahlon, and his family. While Mahlon is forced to work at the quarries, Ruth tries to make him free, but he is killed by a guard. So she goes to Bethlehem with Naomi (Mahlon’s mother) and falls in love with Boaz, an handsome landowner that let her work in his wheat fields. But soon Boaz’s brother tries to capture Ruth’s heart, and after some discussions, she finally declares her feelings for Boaz and marries him.

I loved this movie so much, and I explain the reasons: the scenery is wonderful, the soundtrack by Alfred Newman is majestic. And the actors, although not great ones, gave great performances here; Stuart Whitman is excellent as Boaz, and it’s one of his best leading man roles; Tom Tryon is also convincing as Mahlon, the Judean that converts Ruth to a better religion and monotheism, and Peggy Wood is great as Naomi, Mahlon’s mother that is also a spiritual guide for Ruth.

This is maybe one of the best bible-based movies ever made in Hollywood! A must-see and I give this 8 out of 10!

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