The Spy (2012)

The Spy (2012)

Released: 2012
Genre: Action, Drama, Genre, Thriller
Director: Aleksey Andrianov
Starring: Anna Chipovskaya, Fedor Bondarchuk, Danila Kozlovsky, ,
Run time: 108 min
IMDb: 5.4/10
Country: Russia
Views: 77111


In the spring of 1941 German agent Wasser of the Abwehr holds an NKVD commissar hostage. Two soldiers, a boxer and a spy are the NKVD’s only hope to rescue him.
User Reviews: Some stylish handling, personable cast and a potentially interesting idea, in admiral Canaris trying to obfuscate Hitler’s intention of declaring war on Stalin’s Russia in 1941, but the plotting, like the colour is murky. Looked like the Russain laboratories had solved their programs a few years back but shadow detail has vanished in an orange haze again.

Our boxer-secret agent hero has to sort out spy rings that are using narrow cast TV and tape recorders before they were invented and are willing to send trolley cars to their doom.

It might play better with an audience who already knew the difference between the Cheka and the NKVD.

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