The Riverman (TV Movie 2004)

The Riverman (TV Movie 2004)

Released: 2004
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama, Genre
Director: Bill Eagles
Starring: Sarah Manninen, Sam Jaeger, Bruce Greenwood, ,
Run time: 91 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: USA
Views: 185407


A series of interviews are conducted with convicted serial killer Ted Bundy in hopes of gaining insight into the Green River Killer who is terrorizing Seattle.
User Reviews: I’ve seen a couple of Ted Bundy movies and they were more of a slasher horror fest based on real events. Although The Riverman is also based on real events, and in particular the book authored by Robert “Bob” Keppel (played by Bruce Greenwood in the movie), this made-for-TV movie to me felt a lot creepier than the other two Bundy films I had mentioned.

Now before you go running off to the DVD store, you have to know that this is no slasher flick. This movie is scary for its psychological insights into the mind of a monster, particularly that of Ted Bundy. What’s even scarier is how well Cary Elwes plays the role of Bundy, from his gestures, his voice, and most especially his eyes. It is perhaps one, or could be Elwes’s best performance yet, albeit not quite recognized.

Though a made for TV movie, it felt more like a silver screen feature. The acting never feels forced, the pacing satisfactory, and the script very intense especially towards the film’s conclusion. There may be an amateurish feel towards the cinematography, but over all, a very good, chilling film.

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