The Other Side of the Bed (2002)

The Other Side of the Bed (2002)

Released: 2002
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Genre, Music
Director: Emilio Martínez Lázaro
Starring: Guillermo Toledo, Paz Vega, Ernesto Alterio, ,
Run time: 114 min
IMDb: 6.4/10
Country: Spain
Views: 124274


When Paula leaves her mate Pedro, he misses her and looks for comfort with his best friends, Javier and Sonia. Paula is having an affair with Javier. The cuckold Pedro tries to find who is the secret lover of Paula, and hires a private eye. Meanwhile, while comforting Pedro, Sonia has one night stand with him and Javier thinks she is cheating him with her lesbian friend Lucia.
Written by
Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
User Reviews: An engaging song and dance musical about two couples who get off with each other’s partners. All very light hearted feelgood adult stuff in the style of many a light Shakespeare or Mozart comedy, but updated to include lots of nitty-gritty. The cast are drop dead gorgeous, they have mottos like "there’s not enough f***ing in the world" and are ultimately tolerant enough about each other’s misdemeanours and tendency to be economical with the truth. All politically correct, with lots of mixed sexual orientation to keep it bubbling, a private detective who gets it all on video (after solving the mystery of how JFK committed suicide and how Marylin Monroe never really died), unexpected exposures and reverses, and it all turns out happily at the end like some Oscar Wilde farce. Not to be missed.

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