The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey (1988)

The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey (1988)

Released: 1988
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Genre
Director: Vincent Ward
Starring: Hamish Gough, Chris Haywood, Bruce Lyons, ,
Run time: 92 min
IMDb: 6.9/10
Country: Australia
Views: 106940


A young boy in 14th century Cumbria (north of England) keeps getting visions he cannot explain. His village has so far been spared from the black death, but the villagers fear its imminent arrival. With the boy as their guide, a group set out to dig a hole to the other side of the world, so as to fulfil the visions and save the village. At the ‘other side’ is 20th century New Zealand !.. N.B. Flips from B+W to colour frequently.
Written by
Rob Hartill
User Reviews: A group of miners from a 14th century English village in the path of the Black Plague follow the recurring dreams of a young boy and tunnel through the Earth into the 20th century, where they hope to appease God by raising a cross atop the highest church in New Zealand. Director Vincent Ward is a name worth watching, if only his narrative skills would catch up to his visionary style. His sophomore feature is no less haunting than his 1984 debut film ‘Vigil’, but likewise suffers from sketchy characters and an underwritten script. The villagers’ quest for spiritual redemption has no real parallel in our own age (despite casual comparisons between the Plague, the AIDS epidemic, and the nuclear arms race), and the only reason for bringing them into the 20th century is to see their confusion with automobiles and television. The often striking visual scheme gives the film a strictly cosmetic impression of depth and meaning, but Ward’s Little Nemo resolution, and the forced irony of the epilogue, only underlines the lack of a story built around his compelling, original idea.

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