The Man with the Golden Arm (1955)

The Man with the Golden Arm (1955)

Released: 1955
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Otto Preminger
Starring: Eleanor Parker, Kim Novak, Frank Sinatra, ,
Run time: 119 min
IMDb: 7.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 164002


Frankie Machine is a skilled card dealer and one-time heroin addict. When he returns home from jail, he struggles to find a new livelihood and to avoid slipping back into addiction.
Written by
Mike Campanelli <[email protected]>
User Reviews: Frank Sinatra took this role, chewed it up with the rest of the scenery and – spat it out HIS way. TMWTGA is stagey, the ending is trite, some of the scenes need a little more cutting, but that’s all. It’s great entertainment from start to finish, and while you watch it you realise that Sinatra, that long-dead MOR crooner, had junkies, gangster card games and the whole US urban hustle thing in his blood – he didn’t learn it from an acting coach. There are all sorts of directorial touches to keep you amused, and the (non-dated) soundtrack cooks all the way. The marathon card game beat Goodfellas, Sopranos, etc. by forty years! So it wasn’t faithful to the book? What movie is? And I can’t imagine it being remembered if Brando had been let loose on it; the cold turkey scenes would have been embarrassing, instead of edgy, convincing and moving with Sinatra. No-one else has mentioned the seedy, lazy, cynical cops – absolutely spot on! And Eleanor Parker would have driven *me* to smack.

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