The Lesson (2015)

The Lesson (2015)

Released: 2015
Genre: Drama, Genre, Horror, Thriller
Director: Ruth Platt
Starring: Michaela Prchalov√°, Evan Bendall, Robert Hands, ,
Run time: 97 min
IMDb: 4.3/10
Country: UK
Views: 109369


Two schoolboy delinquents learn a lesson that they will never forget when a teacher at the end of his tether decides to abduct them.
User Reviews: I stumbled upon this film by chance and thought i’d watch it out of interest – so had no expectations generated by reviews etc.

It was disappointing from the moment it started. Technically, it was mediocre to say the least. I felt as though no thought had gone into setting up the scenes, the lighting, or the relevance of shots to what was taking place. Someone could have done the same thing with a cheap camera phone – and this was much the same throughout this film. It was as though it had been made to some formula rather than any artistry.

The story could have been a good tale to tell, but was let down by either the script or editing which produced a disjointed feeling between shots, with both over-emphasis and lack of emphasis in certain shots that could have made the film bearable.

In the end I was glad it had finished.

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