The Last Sentence (2012)

The Last Sentence (2012)

Released: 2012
Genre: Animation, Drama, Genre
Director: Jan Troell
Starring: Ulla Skoog, Pernilla August, Jesper Christensen, ,
Run time: 126 min
IMDb: 6.1/10
Country: Sweden
Views: 171722


Torgny Segerstedt was one of the leading journalists in Sweden in the 20th century. He fought a one man battle against Hitler and the Nazi regime until his death in 1945 and during these tumultuous times his private life was marked by a world in chaos, as he falls in love with his friend’s wife while married himself. THE LAST SENTENCE weaves together the story of a psychological love story with a portrayal of the political situation Sweden found itself in during the Second World War. A gripping, dramatic and poetic tale about a man, who could not be silenced.
Written by
Filmlance International
User Reviews: Jan Troell is the nestor of Swedish films. He’s been directing for 50 years and bringing on Torgny Segerstedt is of course an interesting choice of subject. Segerstedt was one of few journalists who completely stood up against Hitler during WW2. A story of courage in a special way, since Sweden never took part in the war.

So this could have been a discussion about common political morals, but instead it’s a discussion about Segerstedt’s private life and most of all his mistresses. Of course you can make a movie that way, if it has a substance referring to the man’s work, but this isn’t the case here. It’s more about anybody’s love life.

And there isn’t any magic about it. The work should be bigger than the man than it comes to somebody like Segerstedt.

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