The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973)

The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973)

Released: 1973
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Genre, Horror
Director: Wojciech Has
Starring: Irena Orska, Tadeusz Kondrat, Jan Nowicki, ,
Run time: 124 min
IMDb: 7.7/10
Country: Poland
Views: 69917


The film depicts its protagonist, Joseph (Jan Nowicki), traveling through a dream-like world, taking a dilapidated train to visit his dying father in a sanatorium. When he arrives at the hospital, he finds the entire facility is going to ruin and no one seems to be in charge, or even caring for the patients. Time appears to behave in unpredictable ways, reanimating the past in an elaborate artificial caprice.
Written by
Mr Bongo
User Reviews: This is an effort to bring Bruno Schultz’s literary masterpiece to the screen. Like many movies based on great books, this too is weak, though some visual aspects are interesting and do convey the atmosphere of the book. In all honesty the task that Wojciech Has took upon himself is an almost impossible one. In many ways it is the same story with Kafka?s novels; the few attempts to bring them to the screen were not very successful. The problem is that those books are great for reasons different than just visual surrealism. That is why script that was written in movie in mind works much better. Take for example "The Hour of the Wolf" by Bergman. Altogether this movie is an interesting attempt – not all bad. I wish somebody else would try to make this movie again. Bruno Schultz deserves that.

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