The Hour of Living (2012)

The Hour of Living (2012)

Released: 2012
Genre: Drama, Genre
Starring: Charlotte Heinimann, Sebastian Michael, Sam Fordham, ,
Run time: 112 min
IMDb: 5.5/10
Country: UK
Views: 120505


Theo goes looking for someone who can tell him about his dad and the person he loved. His quest leads him into the Alps, where George has been living as a recluse for ten years. As they meet, the two men start to make sense of their lives.
User Reviews: The future is unknown. To do your best is the best that you can hope for … but what if that isn’t enough? What if you do everything that you felt was right and still "bad things happen"?

Only four reviews here when I write this … and a total of forty-two other ratings. Two reviews sound more like personal vendettas than reviews, but sadly that seems the norm these days. Everybody has a chip.

I liked this little film. I liked it not because it was polished and refined but because … despite its clunky clumsiness at times … it manages to fulfill its hope. This film is at its best at George and Theo. George helps Theo and George does this by no other means than to simply be. It is a quiet marvel to watch Theo grow … using only the tools and context of his own young life thus far. George is the mentor that I’d wished I’d had. Actually … and more accurately … Theo has the skill set that I wish that I’d had, enough self awareness to let curiosity triumph over fear.

I wish I’d had that in spades.

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