The Gang of Four (1989)

The Gang of Four (1989)

Released: 1989
Genre: Drama, Genre, Mystery
Director: Jacques Rivette
Starring: Fejria Deliba, Benoît Régent, Bulle Ogier, ,
Run time: 160 min
IMDb: 7/10
Country: France
Views: 77454


A drama following 4 women at stage school. Considered by some to be the summation of director Jacques Rivette’s work as a whole.
User Reviews: Gang of Four is my first Rivette, so I cannot comment on how classically structured it is as opposed to experimental, because I have yet to see Rivette’s experimental work, yet I read from a Chicago critic, Chicago being the city wherein I discovered Rivette, that this is an ideal introduction to his work because it is more of a compilation of the themes that are typically abound in his films, such as theater, conspiracy, sexual frustration, female camaraderie, and things of that nature.

I was not thrilled and yearning for more, but I was interested in what Rivette tries to do enough to want to see some of his other films, even La Belle Noiseuse, a four-and-a-half- hour film with only two people in one room. What I liked about Gang of Four was how the four main characters, the girls in the acting class who share a small house together, have a way of turning everything into a dramatization of things as their alternative to such a packed in environment that is squeezed progressively tighter by the mysterious man and the ambiguously existent conspiracy he speaks of.

The reason I don’t have much else to say is because Rivette’s direction seems too static somehow, but there is intrigue in his style and in his stories. I found the film interesting and dull at the same time. Perhaps it’s my fault and I was expecting a different sort of film-making than what the movie was made of.

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